Specialized Reclamation

Rethinking, expanding and combining proven processes leads to more efficiency.

Pulverization of this old asphalt road surface minimized traffic interruption, saved time and resulted in a substantial cost saving to the customer.

Municipal Projects

With an emphasis on pedestrian and vehicle control and safety, municipal reconstruction projects are performed with a minimum of disruption to property owners.

Specialized Projects

The Peterborough region experienced heavy rains on July 15th, 2004. Official rainfall amounts were measured to be 240 mm at Trent University with much of the rain falling in less than five hours. These floods caused considerable damage to water routes and surrounding properties. Restoration was required with an emphasis on erosion protection against future similar events.

Institutional Projects

Accurex is proud to have been involved in the early stages of the building of the new Peterborough Regional Health Center.

Supplying Civil Construction services to install new storm and sanitary sewers, water mains and parking facilities.

Commercial Projects

For this commercial site re-development more than 6000 cubic meters of existing concrete flooring and foundations were broken and crushed on site. This resulted in substantial savings on disposal fees. Subsequently, reuse of the crushed product in the parking lot construction resulted in further savings on aggregate purchases.

Residential Projects

Excelling at infrastructure installation for residential developments, Accurex has completed numerous projects ranging from 6 lots to 300 lot developments.